Getting your head around Aged Care acronyms

Need a refresher on some of the acronyms and terms we use in Aged Care? Here’s a snapshot of some of the common ones.

Aged Care acronyms are often used to shorten the title of a form, payment or online system. It’s important to understand what they mean.

For example, the Aged Care Entry Record form uses RAD and DAP when asking for payment arrangement information:

  • RAD - Refundable Accommodation Deposit. If a care recipient chooses to make a payment as a lump sum. It works like an interest-free loan to an aged care service  
  • DAP - Daily Accommodation Payment. Instead of paying for accommodation as a lump sum a care recipient can make periodic payments

Here are some of the other acronyms you may come across:

  • ACATs - Aged Care Assessment Teams. Multidisciplinary teams of health professionals who determine eligibility for entry to an aged care service
  • ACFI - Aged Care Funding Instrument. A funding model used to determine the amount of subsidy payable to residential care services
  • ACOC - Aged Care Online Claiming. A service that lets Residential aged care services lodge information electronically
  • ACOS - Aged Care Online Services. A service that lets Home Care providers lodge information electronically
  • ITF - Income Tested Fee. A care recipient’s contribution to the cost of a Home Care package, based on their income
  • ITSR - Income Tested Subsidy Reduction (also known as Income Fee, Income Tested Amount)
  • MTF - Means-Tested care Fee. A care recipient’s contribution towards the cost of residential care, based on their income and assets
  • NAPS - National Approved Provider System.  A Department of Health system which holds all information about aged care providers and services
  • NSAF – National Screening and Assessment Form. A nationally consistent screening and assessment process for aged care eligibility

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