Change of circumstances while receiving Child Care Rebate

You need to tell us if your circumstances change when you're receiving a payment.

If you or your partner’s work, training or study commitments stop or start you need to tell us, as this may affect your eligibility for Child Care Rebate.

Your eligibility or rate of Child Care Benefit may also be affected if any of the following circumstances change. This may then affect your eligibility for Child Care Rebate.

Change of circumstances include:

  • your personal circumstances change
  • you change your address
  • your income changes
  • you don't have to lodge a tax return
  • your care arrangements change, or
  • you leave Australia

If you don't tell us about the changes within 14 days, your payment may be affected. You may be overpaid and you may have to pay the money back.

If you deliberately don't tell us about changes, you could be charged with fraud, and a recovery fee may be imposed.


Overpayments of Child Care Rebate may be recovered from your Child Care Benefit or Child Care Rebate top ups, and from any Family Tax Benefit end of year supplements. Overpayments may also be recovered from tax refunds.

After the end of the financial year, we may adjust your Child Care Rebate when your actual Child Care Benefit entitlements are known.

Page last updated: 12 May 2018