Changes to child care payments

Child care payments will change from 2 July 2018. We will let you know when you need to do something.

Before 2 July 2018

You can continue to receive and claim current child care payments for care provided up until 2 July 2018. The current payments are:

This is the last financial year you can claim child care payments as a lump sum. If you want to receive CCB or CCR for approved care provided before 2 July 2018, you must submit your claim within 1 year of the end of the 2017-18 financial year.

From 2 July 2018

Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy will replace the current child care payments.

Child Care Subsidy

We’ll pay Child Care Subsidy (CCS) directly to approved child care services to reduce the fees you have to pay. The amount of subsidy you may be eligible for will depend on:

  • your family income
  • your activity level
  • the type of service you access

Additional Child Care Subsidy

Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS) is a top-up payment that we’ll pay with your CCS if you meet extra criteria. It provides extra support for:

  • children at risk of serious abuse or neglect
  • grandparents who receive an income support payment and have 65% or more care of the child
  • families experiencing temporary financial hardship
  • parents transitioning to work from an income support payment

Read more about the new child care package on the Department of Education and Training’s website.

Page last updated: 21 September 2017