Child support assessment for non-parent carers

If you care for a child and you're not their parent, you may be able to get child support from one or both parents.

If you’re a non-parent carer, our Grandparent Advisers are there to help you. They support grandparents, other family members, legal guardians and others who care for someone else’s children. Read about Grandparent Advisers.

Who can apply

You can apply for non-parent carer child support if all of these things are true:

  • you care for the child for at least 128 nights a year
  • you aren’t the partner of either of the child’s parents
  • you don’t have joint care with either of the child’s parents
  • the people you’re asking for child support from are:
  • the child’s parents have agreed to you caring for the child - they don’t need to agree to this if it would be unreasonable for them to care for the child

How to apply

You can contact us or can fill in an Application for child support assessment - Non-parent carer.

You must apply for child support from both parents unless:

  • one parent doesn’t live in Australia or a reciprocating jurisdiction
  • one parent has died, or
  • we’re satisfied there are special reasons you can’t, such as not knowing who the other parent is

How much you can receive

We base your child support assessment on:

  • the parents’ incomes
  • who cares for the child

We don’t consider your income.

Read about how percentage of care affects child support payments.

Page last updated: 12 May 2018