Claiming Child Dental Benefits

You can claim on certain dental services for your child.

Before you start

You must:

  1. confirm your child is eligible
  2. confirm your balance through your: 
  3. speak to a private or public dentist and let them know you or your child can get the benefit
  4. discuss the child’s treatment, costs and if there are any item restrictions with the dentist before you get the services
  5. if the dentist doesn’t bulk-bill you must sign a consent form

When to claim

If your dentist:

You can’t claim from us and a private health insurer for the same dental service.

Start your claim

You can claim your benefit:

Submit your claim

You can submit your claim:

We’ll process your claim

When we’ve processed your claim, we’ll transfer the benefit into your account.

Page last updated: 27 August 2017