Claiming the Pension Bonus

You must claim your Pension Bonus with your Age Pension.

Before you start

You should:

When to claim

You must claim the Pension Bonus with your Age Pension.

You must make your claim within 13 weeks of the following events:

  • you stop meeting the work test, or
  • a period of non-accruing membership ends

If you submit your claim after 13 weeks, we may reduce the bonus amount or we may not pay it at all.

We only accept a claim after 13 weeks in special circumstances, such as a serious illness.

When you claim your bonus and Age Pension, your income and the value of your assets can affect how much Age Pension you’ll get. A reduced rate of pension means a reduced bonus amount. If you can’t get Age Pension you can’t get a bonus.

Use our Financial Information Service (FIS) to explore your options and the timing of your claim for Age Pension and Pension Bonus. To make an appointment with a FIS Officer or ask for information on investment planning call us.

Start your claim

The easiest way to claim is online.

You don't need to finish your online claim all at once. You can save your answers and finish it later.

If you can't claim online, talk to us. Our staff will you some questions and will help you with your claim. You can:

  • go to a service centre and ask what you need to do to claim Age Pension and Pension Bonus, or
  • call the Age Pension line and say you want to claim Age Pension and Pension Bonus

If you can’t claim online or go to a service centre:

Print out these 2 forms and fill them in:

If you can’t use the website, call the older Australians line and ask us to send you the forms.

Claiming if you have a partner

If your partner is also a member of the scheme, you can both claim the bonus at the same time.

Start your claim online

To make a claim online you need a myGov account and a Centrelink online account. Your myGov account must be linked to Centrelink.

I have a myGov account linked to Centrelink

Sign in to myGov to start your claim.

Sign in with myGov

I don’t have a Centrelink online account or a myGov account

If you’ve received a payment or service from us, you can use your Customer Reference Number (CRN). Find this on a letter we’ve sent you and register for a Centrelink online account.

If you don’t know your CRN or you haven't got a payment from us, go to a service centre with photo ID and tell us you want to register for a Centrelink online account.

You can then create a myGov account and select Services to link Centrelink.

Submit your claim

You need to submit:

  • your claim
  • any other documents we've asked for

You can do this online, by post or at a service centre.

Submit other documents

We may ask you for documents to help us assess your claim, including documents that prove you have satisfied the work test. If we ask you for extra documents, you must give these to us at the same time as you submit your claim. So we can pay you from the earliest date you are eligible, do this within 14 days of:

  • starting your claim, or
  • telling us of your intent to claim

If you give us your documents later than 14 days, your payment may start later.

We may not accept your claim if you do not give us all of the documents we ask for.

Proof of identity

You may need to confirm your identity when you claim Age Pension and Pension Bonus.

To confirm your identity you will need to visit a service centre and show your identity documents.

If you have had your photo identification verified at a service centre, you can submit your remaining documents online using the Document Lodgment Service.

We may ask you for documents to help us assess your claim, including:

If we ask you to confirm your identity, you’ll need to do this at a service centre within 14 days. We may reject your claim if you don’t.

Wait for the result

We’ll tell you:

  • if we accept your claim
  • when we’ll pay you, and
  • how much you’ll get

If you claimed online, you can track its progress. Sign in to your Centrelink online account through myGov or to the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app and use the Claim Tracker. It will give you an estimated completion date and tell you if your claim is on hold.

You have the right to appeal any decision we make. Read about reviews and appeals.

Pension Bonus Scheme top up

We’ll automatically check if you can get a Pension Bonus top up payment 13 weeks after we grant you Age Pension.

Page last updated: 29 November 2017