Disability Medical Assessment for DSP

You may need to attend a Disability Medical Assessment for a Disability Support Pension (DSP) claim or medical review.

The assessment

If you’ve had a Job Capacity Assessment, you may also need to attend a Disability Medical Assessment with a Government-contracted Doctor.

The Government-contracted Doctor will assess your medical evidence to help us decide if you’re medically eligible for DSP.

All our Government-contracted Doctors are qualified and trained to do assessments. They may contact your own doctor or specialist for more information.

Sonic HealthPlus conduct the assessments. There is no charge for this service. Allow up to an hour for your assessment.

Your appointment

If you need to attend an assessment, Sonic HealthPlus will contact you to make an appointment.

If you don’t attend your appointment, we may:

  • reject your claim
  • cancel your DSP, or
  • stop your DSP until you attend

If you can’t attend your appointment, you must tell Sonic HealthPlus no later than 24 hours before the appointment.

If you need to discuss your appointment after you’ve booked it, call the Sonic HealthPlus Disability Medical Assessment Contact Centre on 1300 295 822. They are open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

What to bring

When you attend your appointment bring:

  • any new medical evidence you haven’t already given us
  • aids, equipment or assistive technology you use, such as hearing or visual aids
  • a relative, friend or an advocate for support, if you want

You don’t need to bring any information you’ve already provided to us for your claim or review.

At your appointment

The Government-contracted Doctor will talk to you about:

  • your condition and medical evidence
  • the impact of your condition on your day to day life

They won’t:

  • diagnose your condition, or
  • provide any medical advice or treatment

After your assessment

The Government-contracted Doctor will:

  • write a report about the impact of your condition, and
  • send the report to us

We’ll write to you with the outcome of your claim or medical review. Contact us if you want a copy of your report. We’ll tell you if you need to make a formal Freedom of Information request.

Your privacy

You have the right to have your personal information kept private. The Government-contracted Doctor must protect your privacy and keep your information safe.

If you have questions

Contact us if you have questions about your assessment. If you still have concerns, you can give us feedback or make a complaint.

Page last updated: 27 August 2017