Eligibility for a child support assessment

To be eligible for a child support assessment you meet residence rules and be the legal parent or non-parent carer of the child.

Legal parents

You and the other parent in your application must both satisfy us that you are the child’s legal parents.

You’ll satisfy us if at least one of the following applies:

  • the parents were married when the child was born
  • the child’s birth certificate names you as parent, it can be Australian or from a reciprocating jurisdiction
  • adoption papers name you as a parent
  • the person is male and lived with the mother any time between 20 to 44 weeks before the child’s birth
  • you have a statutory declaration:
    • that states you’re the child’s parent
    • that the other parent is named on the birth certificate, or
    • by a non-parent carer that one or both parents are named on the child’s birth certificate
  • a clear statement from a relevant court that a person is the child’s parent, or
  • you are a parent under the Family Law Act 1975 - this covers artificial conception and surrogacy

We’ll investigate if there’s conflicting evidence about who’s the parent.

Non-parent carers

You may be able to do one or both of the following:

  • apply for a child support assessment
  • make a child support agreement

Read about assessments for non-parent carers.

Page last updated: 18 October 2017