Enrolling your child adopted overseas in Medicare

Before enrolling, your child must have Australian permanent residency, or be an applicant for permanent residency.

Date you child is eligible from

If the application for permanent residency is submitted before your child comes to Australia, then your child is eligible from the date they arrive in Australia.

If it’s submitted after your child arrives in Australia, then your child is eligible from the date you submit their application.

Before you start

Apply for your child’s permanent residency with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Enrol in Medicare

Complete the Medicare Enrolment Application form.

Information you need

You’ll need:

  • your child’s passport, travel document or Immicard
  • documents showing
    • the adoption’s in progress, or
    • you’ve adopted your child
  • your Medicare card
  • your child’s visa
    • a permanent resident visa, or
    • a temporary visa and permanent residency application proof
  • documents with your child’s legal name, if different on their passport and visa - these can be:
    • adoption papers
    • new birth certificate
    • change of name certificate

Changing your adopted child’s name

During adoption, you can change your child’s name to your family name just on your Medicare card – not their Medicare record.

To do this:

  • adoptive parents must agree to the name change
  • you’ll need an adoption agency letter confirming your family name

When the adoption’s final, you can update your child’s name on their Medicare record.

Submit your application

Submit your form and supporting documents at a service centre.

We’ll confirm if your child’s eligible.

Wait for the results

We’ll send you an updated Medicare card in 3 to 4 weeks.

View your Medicare card details using:

Page last updated: 27 August 2017