Green Army Programme

Provides training and work experience in environment and heritage conservation for young Australians while generating environmental benefits.

About the Program

The Green Army Programme is administered by the Department of the Environment. It gives you the skills, training and experience to improve your employment prospects. The projects you participate in generate real and lasting benefits for the environment and heritage places.

You can apply if you are:

  • aged 17 to 24 years
  • an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia, and
  • a school leaver, gap year student, graduate, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian, person with disability, or an unemployed job seeker

If you’re aged 25 years or older and identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian, you may still be able to apply. Your knowledge of Indigenous culture may help towards successful Green Army projects.

You do not have to apply for, or be receiving, any of our payments to apply for the Green Army Programme. Read more about the Green Army and how to apply for positions on the Department of the Environment website.

Tell us if you are participating

You must tell us if you receive an income support payment and will be participating in the Green Army. This is to ensure you do not incur a debt with us.

You will be advised in writing if you are accepted into the Green Army. You need to bring this letter into a service centre within 14 days of starting the Program. Failing to tell us may result in an overpayment that you will need to repay.

Green Army participation affects your payments

Your partner’s payments

The income you earn by participating in the Green Army could affect your partner’s payments. Contact us to find out more.

Income support payments

If you join the Green Army full time, your income support payment will be put on hold. You will receive an allowance from your Green Army Service Provider.

If you join the Green Army part time, you may be able to choose to either continue receiving your income support payment or get a pro-rata allowance from your Green Army Service Provider.

This may apply if you:

  • are a principal carer
  • have a partial capacity to work, or
  • are an early school leaver and have part time requirements because you are a principal carer or have a partial capacity to work

If you continue receiving your income support payment, you will also get an Approved Program of Work Supplement of $20.80 per fortnight. If you are not sure which option is better for you, please ask us.

Concession cards

If your income support payment is put on hold because you receive the Green Army allowance, you will not be able to use your Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card. However, you may be eligible for a Low Income Health Care Card.

This will not affect you if you are participating part time and continue to receive your income support payment.

Mobility Allowance

You may be eligible for Mobility Allowance to help with travel if you cannot use public transport without substantial assistance due to disability, illness or injury.

Meeting your Mutual Obligation Requirements

While you are participating in the Green Army you will be meeting your Mutual Obligation Requirements. You can stay in contact with your Employment Services Provider for support if you wish. You may still need to attend appointments with us.

Restarting a payment after your placement ends

When your Green Army placement ends you should tell us if you want to get an income support payment again. Your Green Army Service Provider will give you a cessation advice, which you should bring into a service centre within 14 days of finishing your placement.

Page last updated: 27 August 2017