Supporting documents to claim as a nominee

You’ll need to get some supporting documents ready to help answer some of the questions in the claim.

This is to prove the person you’re acting for can get the payment or card you’re claiming on their behalf. Read about the supporting documents you need for:

If we ask for more documents to support the claim, you or your principal must give us these documents. We’ll list any documents we need as required on the Next steps page of the claim. You’ll need to upload these documents before you submit the claim.

We may also list other documents as supplementary. Try to provide your supplementary documents at the same time as your required documents. You have up to 14 days to give them to us after you submit the claim.

If the person you’re acting for has a partner, you’ll need some information about their partner, including income and assets.

We don’t need information about their partner if you’re claiming either of these health care cards:

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