How much Mobility Allowance you can get

You can get a standard rate or higher rate of Mobility Allowance depending on your circumstances.

Standard rate

There are 2 main ways to get the standard rate of payment.

You’ll get $94.10 a fortnight by doing one or a combination of the following, for at least 32 hours every 4 weeks on a continuing basis:

  • paid work
  • volunteer
  • self-employment
  • vocational training
  • independent living
  • life skills training

You’ll get $94.10 a fortnight if you:

Higher rate

You’ll get $131.60 a fortnight if you work for at least 15 hours a week on or above the relevant minimum wage and get:

You’ll get $131.60 a fortnight if you:

  • seek work for 15 hours or more a week through an Employment Services Provider, including:
  • work for 15 hours or more a week in the open labour market on productivity based wages under the Supported Wage System
    • this doesn’t include work through supported employment like Australian Disability Enterprises

We may pay you for an extra 12 weeks if your:

  • work, self-employment, study or training stops, or
  • agreement to look for work with your provider stops

Page last updated: 10 October 2017