Income maintenance period

If you’ve left or lost your job, an income maintenance waiting period may apply.

For this period, you may not get any income support payment, or you may get a reduced payment rate.

When it applies

This waiting period applies if you left or lost your job and your employer paid you for:

  • sick leave
  • annual leave
  • termination of employment, or
  • a redundancy payment when that job ended

Payments it applies to

An income maintenance period may apply if you’re claiming or getting:

What may be different

Depending on the amount of your final payment from your former employer, you may get a partial payment from us during the income maintenance period.

We’ll assess this when you submit your claim to have your income maintenance period calculated.

When to claim

You should submit your claim even if you haven’t got your final payment from your former employer yet. This will help you know if you can get a part payment or if not, when we’ll start paying you.

Waiting period

We’ll calculate your income maintenance period based on the amount you or your partner are paid when your employment ends.

For example, a 10 week redundancy payment may result in a 10 week income maintenance period, starting from the date you get your redundancy payment.


We may reduce or waive this waiting period if you can prove you’re experiencing severe financial hardship due to unavoidable or reasonable expenses.

Page last updated: 7 August 2018