Medical risk based reviews for Disability Support Pension

We may check your medical eligibility for Disability Support Pension (DSP) by completing a medical risk based review.

What are medical risk based reviews

Medical risk based reviews make sure:

  • you’re still getting the right support
  • we have up to date details about your medical conditions

Health professionals use the latest Impairment Tables from 1 January 2012 to assess how your condition affects your ability to work. Read more about the Impairment Tables on the Department of Social Services website.

Who we review

We may complete a medical risk based review if you:

  • started to get DSP more than 2 years ago, and
  • haven’t had a medical review in the past 2 years

Who we won’t review

You won’t have a medical risk based review if you:

  • are 60 years of age or older
  • started to get DSP or have had a medical review within the past 2 years
  • are eligible for DSP under current manifest rules, for example if you need nursing home level care or are permanently blind
  • work in a Australian Disability Enterprise or under the Supported Wage System, or
  • get paid under an International Agreement and live permanently overseas

What you need to do

If selected for review, we’ll write to you.

You’ll need to:

If you complete the consent form, you’re giving permission for your treating health professional to give us details about your disability or medical condition. This may help us understand your condition.

You have 21 days to give us this information. Your DSP may stop if you don’t give us the information or contact us before that date to discuss.

If you can’t provide your current medical evidence for any reason you can call us on 1800 930 934. We’ll talk to you or your nominee about:

  • your individual circumstances
  • options to complete your review
  • more time to provide your current medical evidence if you need it

You may also need to:

Read more about medical evidence.

What happens after the review

We’ll contact you with the outcome of your review.

If you remain medically eligible for DSP, you’ll continue to get your usual payments.

If you’re no longer medically eligible for DSP, you may be eligible for other support. We’ll discuss the range of payment options available to you and help you apply for a different payment more suitable. If you’d like to discuss other support options or would like help transitioning to another payment you can call us on 1800 930 934.

Page last updated: 21 December 2017