Medicare enrolment for New Zealand citizens

New Zealand citizens who are living in Australia can also enrol in Medicare.

You can get a Medicare card if you’re a New Zealand citizen and you:

  • have lived in Australia for 6 months or more, in the last 12 months - this can be all at once or in separate visits
  • intend to stay in Australia for 6 months or more, in the next 12 months - this can be all at once or in separate visits, or
  • are living in Australia and have applied for permanent residency

Complete a Medicare Enrolment Application form.

How to enrol

You need to visit a service centre with your:

  • completed Medicare enrolment application form
  • passport or travel document as well as for the people listed on your application
  • 2 documents confirming you’re living in Australia

Documents to confirm you’re living in Australia

You’ll need to provide original or certified copies of:

  • 2 Australian documents, or
  • 1 Australian document and 1 document proving you’re no longer living in New Zealand

You can use the following to confirm you’re living in Australia:

  • a work contract
  • TAFE or university enrolment
  • a rental or lease agreement
  • a rental or lease bond receipt
  • a bank statement
  • proof your child’s enrolled in Australian childcare or school
  • private health insurance
  • property or contents insurance
  • a gas, electricity, water or rates account

You can use any of the following documents to prove you’re no longer living in New Zealand:

  • proof you sold your home
  • proof you ceased your lease
  • evidence you’re no longer working in New Zealand
  • a document proving you moved your belongings to Australia
  • a statement showing you closed your bank account
  • proof you cancelled health, property or contents insurance

If you can’t provide these documents when you first arrive in Australia, you can enrol anytime in the next 6 months once you have all the documents.

Until you’re enrolled, you’re covered under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement. This covers you for essential medical treatment in a public hospital as a public inpatient or outpatient. You won’t be enrolled or get a Medicare card until you prove you’re living in Australia.

If after 6 months, you don’t have enough documents, you can provide a Commonwealth statutory declaration with the documents you have.

You must say why you can’t provide the documents. An example is you have a fly-in fly-out contract with an Australian employer - if so, provide the name of your Australian employer.

Page last updated: 27 August 2017