Mutual obligation requirements for Parenting Payment

If you’re single, when your youngest child turns 6 you’ll have to meet part time requirements to keep getting your payment.

ParentsNext rolled out nationally on 1 July 2018. Read more about new requirements if you get Parenting Payment.
From 1 July 2018, there are new rules and stronger penalties for job seekers who don’t meet their requirements. Read more about new rules for job seekers who miss requirements.

You’ll have to attend an appointment and agree to a job plan. The requirements are part of your job plan to help you get ready for a job. You may need to look for work, work part time, study or do an approved activity. Please keep in mind, you must attend any appointments we make.

Read more about job plans and your mutual obligation requirements.

There's also support if you want to return to work before your youngest child turns 6. Contact an employment services provider through the jobactive website.

If you need child care while you’re job searching or working, you may get JET Child Care Fee Assistance.

If you get Parenting Payment and have a child under 6, you may need to take part in ParentsNext.

Page last updated: 10 September 2018