Ordinary waiting period

You may need to serve a 1 week waiting period if you're claiming some income support payments.

Waiting period

The ordinary waiting period applies if you're claiming:


You may be exempt if, at the time you claim:

  • it's within 13 weeks of getting a payment or a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Service Pension, or
  • you're a job seeker who is eligible for the highest level of service from an employer services provider

If you think you may be exempt, contact us.

Severe financial hardship waiver

We may waive the waiting period if you’re in severe financial hardship due to a personal financial crisis that has happened in the past 4 weeks. We may need evidence.

A personal financial crisis includes:

  • unavoidable or unreasonable expenditure
  • domestic or family violence
  • being in prison or psychiatric confinement
  • entering Australia on a qualifying humanitarian visa
  • your home being lost or damaged due to extreme circumstances

Page last updated: 27 August 2017