Partner Allowance when you reach age pension age

If you’re getting Partner Allowance and reach age pension age, you can transfer to Age Pension.

When you reach age pension age

Just before you reach age pension age, we’ll invite you to transfer to Age Pension.

You’ll need to tell us if you:

  • want to transfer to Age Pension, or want to stay on Partner Allowance, and
  • have any superannuation

Benefits of Age Pension

If you transfer to Age Pension:

  • you may get a higher rate of payment and more generous income and assets tests
  • you will get a Pensioner Concession Card
  • the rules may be better if you  travel outside Australia
  • you can get the Work Bonus, and
  • and live on a single title of land covering more than 2 hectares, we can exempt more land from the assets test

You will lose access to Education Entry Payment if you transfer to Age Pension.

Read more about how to transfer to Age Pension.

Pension Supplement

Once you reach age pension age, we will automatically pay the Pension Supplement to you with your Partner Allowance. The supplement replaces:

Page last updated: 27 August 2017