Primary school levels when your Child Care Benefit will stop

Child Care Benefit isn't paid for care provided for schooling once your child starts the recognised primary school level of schooling for each state.

Recognised primary school levels for each state and territory

State/territory Recognised primary level Not recognised as primary level
Australian Capital Territory Kindergarten Years 1–6 Preschool
New South Wales Kindergarten Years 1–6 Preschool
Northern Territory Transition Years 1–6 Preschool
Queensland Preparatory Years 1–6 Kindergarten/Preschool
South Australia Reception Years 1–7 Kindergarten
Tasmania Preparatory Years 1–6 Kindergarten
Victoria Preparatory Years 1–6 Kindergarten/Preschool
Western Australia Pre-primary Years 1–6 Kindergarten

Page last updated: 18 October 2017