Special Child Care Benefit

To get special Child Care Benefit, you must first claim and be eligible for Child Care Benefit.

This payment ends on 1 July 2018. If you get this, you need to complete a Child Care Subsidy assessment now to get help with child care fees from 2 July 2018. You may also be eligible for Additional Child Care Subsidy (Temporary Financial Hardship). You can apply online from 2 July 2018. Read about what to do if you get Special Child Care Benefit.

Special Child Care Benefit can help cover the cost of child care, up to and including the total fee charged by your child care service, for:

  • children who are at risk of serious abuse or neglect, where that risk would be reduced if they attended child care for longer hours but the cost of care makes this difficult, or
  • families experiencing hardship by helping them maintain access to child care while they adapt to new circumstances; for example, serious short-term illness, hospitalisation or short-term carer responsibilities

Your child care service can approve Special Child Care Benefit for up to 13 weeks in any financial year. If you want to receive Special Child Care Benefit longer than this, we need to assess your application. Speak to your child care service for more information.

Page last updated: 5 June 2018