When care arrangements for a child change

If you are sharing the care of your child and the amount of time you care for your child changes, this may affect the payments and services you receive.

Centrelink payments and care arrangements

If your child’s care arrangements change this may affect your Centrelink payments, your concession, health care cards or all of them.

Payments for a dependent child

If you have a dependent child in your care, you may be eligible for the following payments:

If a child:

  • leaves your care, you may lose some payments
  • enters your care, you may become eligible for some payments

Rate of your payments

If you have dependent children, you may be eligible for a higher rate of payment for:

If a child:

  • enters your care, you may be able to receive a higher rate of payment
  • leaves your care, you may no longer be eligible to receive the higher rate of payment

Effect on eligibility or payment rate

If care arrangements for your child change, this may affect certain payments including:

It is important to tell us if your circumstances change to ensure you’re paid at the correct rate.

Child support and care arrangements

If care arrangements change it may affect the child support payments you make or receive.

You can tell us about a change using your Child Support online account through myGov.

Read more about how your percentage of care affects your child support payments.

Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A and child support

There is a close link between child support payments and FTB. Any child support you pay or receive may affect the amount of FTB you receive.

If care arrangements change for your child, we may need to change your:

  • care percentage
  • child support, and
  • FTB payments

Any changes we make will be applied regardless of whether:

  • you collect child support privately
  • we collect and transfer it for you, or
  • you have a child support agreement

You may need to give us evidence to support the change in circumstances. You can complete the details of your child’s care arrangements form to give us information about your child’s care arrangements.

Use our online estimators to see how changes in care arrangements may affect your FTB and child support.

Read more about child support and your FTB Part A.

Medicare and care arrangements

If care arrangements change for a child, you may also need to update the details with Medicare. Having children you care for on your Medicare card will make it easier for you. You can access Medicare payments and services, including the Medicare Safety Net for children in your care.

Register or change Medicare details for you or your family using the:

Page last updated: 15 November 2017