Who can get Telephone Allowance

You can get Telephone Allowance if you have a telephone connected in your or your partner's name and you get a certain payment from us.

There are 2 rates of Telephone Allowance:

  • basic rate, or
  • higher rate

Basic rate

You can get the basic rate if you have:

  • a telephone connected, including a landline or mobile, and
  • the account is in your or your partner's name

You must also get:

Higher rate

You can get a higher rate if you:

  • get Disability Support Pension
  • are under 21 with no dependent children, and
  • have internet for any device in your or your partner's name

How to get it

We’ll assess if you can get the allowance when you claim certain support payments. You don’t need to do anything.

You need a phone or internet service to get the allowance. If you get a phone or internet service after you’re assessed, tell us. Do this by updating your details online.

You don’t have to meet income or assets tests to get it.


We can review your eligibility for the allowance at any time.

Page last updated: 12 May 2018