Your leave entitlements when you receive Parental Leave Pay

The Paid Parental Leave scheme provides you with paid parental leave but doesn’t give you an entitlement to leave.

It’s important to organise your leave from work with your employer. You should try to do this at least 10 weeks before you intend to take leave.

If you’re eligible, you can access up to 18 weeks of government funded Parental Leave Pay as well as any of your existing employer provided paid or unpaid leave.

You can take your payment before, during or after any paid or unpaid maternity or parental leave, or other employer funded leave entitlements such as annual leave or long service leave.

If your employer currently provides paid maternity or parental leave through an industrial agreement or law, they can’t withdraw your entitlement to that leave while that agreement or law is in effect. The scheme doesn’t change any existing employer provided leave entitlements.

The Supporting Working Parents website provides information about your rights in the workplace while pregnant, during parental leave and when you return to the workplace.

Parental leave and the Fair Work Ombudsman

Under the National Employment Standards in the Fair Work Act 2009, if you’ve been employed by your current employer for 12 months or more before the birth or adoption of a child, you may be entitled to unpaid parental leave.

The Fair Work Ombudsman can help you make sure you’ve followed the required steps when requesting parental leave from your employer. They also have information about applying for parental leave, related entitlements and facts.

Read more about your leave entitlements on the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

Page last updated: 6 February 2018