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We provide translated written information, audio and video to help you learn more about our payments and services.

Kanmah caleh cia in cachuahmi nih nangmah pekmi tangka le riantuannak hna kha tamdeuh in hngalhnak kan in bawmh.

Pum thlamtling lo hmanmi seh thilri pakhatkhat na hman ruangah holhleh cia mi kan ca pawl na rel khawh lo ahcun hi holh phunkip in chawnhnak fawn ahhin rak kan chawn hram ko. If you are using assistive technology and cannot access our translated information please contact our multilingual phone service.

Rel / Read

Lehcia in chuahmi ca, zeimawzat kha a kenkip ah kau law zoh, cu nih cun tangka peknak le riantuannak thawngpang hna cheukhat kha an theihter lai.

Browse our range of translated written products, which offer information about some of our payments and services.

Zoh / Watch

Tangka kan in pekmi le riantuan piakmi cheukhat thawngpang kongah caleh mi rel hna.

View translated information about some of our payments and services.

New to Australia - Payments / Australia ah Mithar - Tangka pekmi

Hi video nih hin Department of Human Services’ Centrelink nih tangka pekmi le, Centrepay nih a lak in riantuan piakmi kong a chim. Centrepay nih tangka a hmumi hna tuaktan piak in khuasaknak a dihmi innchungtang caah pek hngami tangka kha sihkhahnak ding a bawmh.

This video talks about Department of Human Services' Centrelink payments and a free service called Centrepay. Centrepay helps people who get payments to budget and save money to pay for living expenses like household bills.

New to Australia - Medicare Card and Health Care Card / Australia ah Mithar kha rel - Medicare Card le Health Care Card

Hi video nih Medicare Card le Health Care Card sin in na hmuh khawh hngami a man thumhpiak mi hna pawl kha a chim. Na sican ning aa thlen tikah zung ah na va chimh ding kha a biapi ngai.

This video talks about the Medicare Card and the Health Care Card and the types of concessions you can get. It is important to tell the department when your circumstances change.

New to Australia - Looking for work / Australia ah Mithar - Rian kawl

Hi video nih Newstart Allowance timi Centrelink hmangin Department of Human Services nih pekmi tangka kong a chim i, rian a kawl liomi hna kong a fianh hna. Cu lengah pekmi tangka a hmumi nih a tlamtlinh hrimhrim dingmi an tuanvo zong kha a hrilhfiah i, rian an kawl lio chung vialte pehzulh in tangka hmuh ding fehter kha a si.

This video talks about Newstart Allowance, a Centrelink payment that the Department of Human Services provides to people who are looking for work. It also explains the types of obligations that people who get the payment must meet, in order to keep receiving their payment while they look for work.

Page last updated: 4 May 2018