5 changes you need to tell us about

1 May 2018

Tell us about changes to make sure you’re paid the right amount.

You need to tell us if:

  1. your study details change
  2. you get a job
  3. you move out of home, or change address
  4. you travel overseas
  5. you change your relationship status

Your study details change

This includes dropping a subject, changing your course or place of study, or leaving uni.

You get a job

You can earn income and keep your payment, but you need to tell us how much you earn. Income Bank helps you keep more of your payment while you’re working.

You move out of home, or change address

Changing your address can impact your eligibility for some payments, like Relocation Scholarship. It can also affect your payment rate.

You need to tell us if you stop living with your parents or your address changes. You also need to tell us if your parents change address if you get Relocation Scholarship.

You travel overseas

In most cases, we’ll stop your payment when you leave Australia. If you don’t tell us when you’re travelling overseas you may need to pay money back.

You may keep your payment when you’re overseas if you’re travelling for an approved reason.

Read more about payments while outside Australia.

You change your relationship status

Becoming single or a member of a couple may change your eligibility for a payment. It could also change your payment rate. We consider your partner’s income and assets when we work out eligibility or rates for student payments.

Read more about personal and partner income and assets tests for Austudy, Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY.

Next steps

You need to tell us about changes to your circumstances within 14 days.

Update your details online using your Centrelink online account through myGov or the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

If you need help, check out our online guides to help you:

Find out more about change of circumstances.

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Page last updated: 3 May 2018