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We’re changing the way we send you Centrelink online letters

12 January 2018

From 24 February 2018, you’ll need a myGov account to get your Centrelink letters online.

It’s easy to claim Age Pension online

9 January 2018

Our online system is secure and completing your claim online is much easier than filling in a form.

Do we have your most up to date details?

4 January 2018

If you pay or receive child support, you need to let us know if things change.

Child Care Rebate quarterly payments are coming soon

3 January 2018

If you get Child Care Rebate quarterly, we’ll start making October to December payments from 17 January 2018.

Public holiday closure, reporting and payment arrangements

2 January 2018

We will be closed for the Australia Day public holiday and we want to help you plan so you still get paid.

Which courses have the tick of approval?

1 January 2018

The course and the provider you choose to study with can impact whether you’ll get a student payment.

Help dealing with drug and alcohol misuse and looking for work

1 January 2018

From 1 January 2018, there’ll be a change to help support people with drug or alcohol issues, so they can find work.

The ‘subsidy benefit’ does not exist – it’s a scam

21 December 2017

A scam about a ‘subsidy benefit’ is being emailed to people and claims to be from us.

Travelling overseas with Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicine

20 December 2017

There are strict rules about when it’s legal to take PBS medicines out of Australia.

We have a new International Social Security Agreement with Estonia

15 December 2017

The new Social Security Agreement between Australia and Estonia starts on 1 January.

Lifehack: report your income online

8 December 2017

5 steps to reporting on your phone during your lunch break!

Thinking about aged care?

5 December 2017

It’s never too early to start thinking about aged care.

Update your details so you get the latest jobseeker information

5 December 2017

Don’t miss out on important information about changes that may affect you.

Make sure you get the latest disability information

5 December 2017

Update your details so you don’t miss out on important information about changes that may affect you.

Important changes to the Child Support secure messaging service

30 November 2017

The secure messaging service is changing. This means you can’t send us a message with secure messaging in your Child Support online account.

Changes for new students from rural and remote areas

29 November 2017

If you’re from a rural or remote area you may be considered independent sooner.

Claiming a student payment: identify your identity documents

27 November 2017

Knowing what documents you need to confirm your identity can be confusing. Let us guide you through it.

Update your details so you get the latest disability information

24 November 2017

Don’t miss out on important information about changes that may affect you.

Online resources and support services for doing an income review

23 November 2017

We’ve developed a number of resources and services to help you complete your income review online.

Meet Tricia, she may be rolling into your town soon

22 November 2017

Our Mobile Service Centres have visited over 3800 communities, and helped over 120,000 people.

Medicare interim card sample

Important Medicare update for some visa holders

21 November 2017

If you’re an Unauthorised Maritime Arrival on a Bridging visa or hold TPV or SHEV, it’s time get a new Medicare card.

Is your child finishing school this year?

16 November 2017

If your child is about to complete year 12, your Family Tax Benefit (FTB) for that child will stop.

Why we do income reviews

16 November 2017

We do reviews so we can confirm you are paid the right amount.

The menu has changed for our Medicare general enquiries line

13 November 2017

You can tell us what your call is about instead of using your phone keypad to go through our menu.

Our Medicare general enquiries line menu has changed

13 November 2017

You can tell us what your call is about instead of using your phone keypad to go through our menu.

Confirm your relationship status

13 November 2017

From 1 January 2018, you need to confirm your relationship status if you’re a single parent and get income support.

Claiming a student payment: prepare and claim now

13 November 2017

Full time study or an Australian Apprenticeship next year? Get ahead on your plans and claim a student payment now.

Do you have a 2015-16 family assistance non lodger debt?

3 November 2017

Your Family Tax Benefit (FTB) payment will stop if you don’t act now.

It’s not too late to update your income details

1 November 2017

We needed this information for your child to keep their dependent Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY Living Allowance.

Get dependent Youth Allowance as a job seeker?

1 November 2017

Your parents or guardians can still update their income details if your payment stopped.

Get your parents or guardians to update their details

1 November 2017

If your payment stopped, there’s still time for them to give us the details we need.

Claim ABSTUDY for 2018 now!

31 October 2017

Claim before December so your payments are in place before school starts. This is especially important if you’re moving away from home to study.

Considering ABSTUDY for your child next year

30 October 2017

Claim now to make sure you get ABSTUDY before school starts.

We’re changing your Child Support online account

30 October 2017

Your new online account will be easier to use.

Our Farm Household Allowance videos can help you

30 October 2017

Watch our new Farm Household Allowance videos to see how we can help you and your farm.

Claiming a student payment: top 5 tips

30 October 2017

Get to the top of the class with our tips for claiming Youth Allowance or Austudy.

A fresh new look and design for your Centrelink online account

27 October 2017

You can still do your Centrelink business online. We've simply changed how your online account looks.

The way you log on to the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app is changing

26 October 2017

You’ll need to use your myGov sign in details.

Support for customers who had business with Amazing Rentals

25 October 2017

Take action to keep your private information safe

Update your details with Medicare without leaving the house

23 October 2017

Use your Medicare online account or Express Plus Medicare mobile app to update your details when and where it suits you.

Check, collect, claim and maintain

18 October 2017

Follow these easy steps to make claiming with us easier.

Help us make claiming carer payments faster and smoother

12 October 2017

We want your feedback on the new Carer Payment and Carer Allowance claim process.

Our Child Support enquiries line has changed

10 October 2017

You no longer need to use your phone keypad to go through the menu. Simply talk and we’ll do the rest.

The top 6 things you can do online with Centrelink

25 September 2017

We know balancing study, work and life can be tough. To save you time, here are our top 6 things you can do online.

Get the facts about immunisation

13 September 2017

Immunisations are a simple, safe and effective way of protecting against harmful diseases.