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Do your care arrangements change over the school holidays?

13 December 2018

You may be wondering what happens to your child support assessment if your care changes over the holidays.

Public holiday closures, reporting and payment arrangements

12 December 2018

We close over the Christmas and New Year holidays and want to help you plan so you still get paid.

Earning extra money while getting a student payment?

11 December 2018

You can use Income Bank to keep more of your student payment while you’re working.

Have you heard of the app ‘Sunny’?

10 December 2018

If you’re a woman with disability, Sunny can help you recognise violence, know your rights and reach out for support.

Manage your letters, bills and statements online

7 December 2018

It’s faster and you don’t risk having to pay fees.

What happens when your child completes year 12?

4 December 2018

Your child completing school signals some big changes for your family, including changes to your payments.

Want to know what payments and services you can get?

3 December 2018

Studying and not sure where to start? Payment and Service Finder can point you in the right direction.

Have you been scammed? We can help

29 November 2018

If you’ve given personal information to a scammer, call our Scams and Identity Theft Helpdesk straight away.

Get prepared and make your claim now for 2019

26 November 2018

You can claim now if you’re planning to do full time study or an Australian Apprenticeship next year.

We have support if you’re affected by family and domestic violence

19 November 2018

We want you to know you can reach out to us for help and support.

Appoint a nominee to help you do business with us

14 November 2018

Do you need help to claim Disability Support Pension? A nominee can help you.

Are you eligible for a concession card and ready to claim?

14 November 2018

You can get your nominee to help, or claim online yourself.

5 totally top tips

12 November 2018

Go to the top of the class with our tips for claiming Youth Allowance or Austudy.

You can now use Payment and Service Finder in Chinese Simplified

8 November 2018

Try it out if you read Chinese Simplified and tell us what you think.

Changes to ABSTUDY start 1 January 2019

7 November 2018

What you need to know if your child gets ABSTUDY, is in secondary school and studies away from home.

Changes for regional and remote students from 1 January 2019

31 October 2018

The parental income limit is changing. This will make it easier to be an independent for Youth Allowance and ABSTUDY.

1 January changes to ABSTUDY

31 October 2018

What you need to know if you get ABSTUDY, are in secondary school and need to study away from home.

Claiming a student payment: why getting in early pays off

31 October 2018

You can reap the benefits of claiming your student payment early. So why wait?

Child Support online accounts are changing

31 October 2018

To make your online account easier to use we’re making some changes.

Don’t forget to update your parental income details

29 October 2018

If we stopped your payment because you didn’t give us your parental income details, there’s still time to give them to us.

Get prepared before you claim ABSTUDY

29 October 2018

Use our checklist to make sure you have everything ready to go.

Has your child’s payment stopped?

29 October 2018

If we stopped their payment because we’re waiting for your income details, you can give them to us now.

Do you get Youth Allowance as a job seeker?

29 October 2018

Don’t forget to give us your parental income details if we’ve asked for them.

Help for people who need essential medical equipment

24 October 2018

A yearly payment to help with energy costs to run medical equipment or medically required heating or cooling.

We support young people with disability

24 October 2018

We provide extra income and support services to help with the transition to adult life.

If you get Carer Allowance you may need to do an income review

19 October 2018

If you haven’t done your review, you need do it now otherwise your payment will stop.

Have you seen the new myGov digital assistant (DA)?

15 October 2018

Need online support using myGov? You can now get help using myGov’s DA.

We offer help if you’re having a baby

5 October 2018

There’s a few things you need to do to access our payments when you’re having a baby.

Exam results aren’t the end of the world

3 October 2018

We asked people to share what they learned about school after shutting the books for good.

Claim ABSTUDY for 2019 now!

1 October 2018

Claiming before December will mean you’re ready to start your studies on time.

Is your child moving away to study in 2019?

1 October 2018

Claim now to make sure you get ABSTUDY before school starts.

Do you have a 2016–17 Family Tax Benefit (FTB) debt?

1 October 2018

You need to act now, or your Family Tax Benefit (FTB) payments will stop.

Gifting may affect your pension

28 September 2018

Before you give away your income and assets, it’s important to know how it can affect your payment.

Extra payments for farmers

24 September 2018

Households getting Farm Household Allowance (FHA) will get up to 2 FHA supplement payments.

Introducing new services for carers and a Carer Allowance income test

20 September 2018

From 20 September 2018, you’ll need to meet an income test to get Carer Allowance.

Verify your relationship status

17 September 2018

From 20 September 2018, you need to verify your relationship status if you’re a single parent claiming income support.

New requirements for mature age job seekers 30 and older

10 September 2018

From 20 September, there are stronger participation requirements if you’re a job seeker.

What we wish we knew before we left school

5 September 2018

We share 5 things we’ve learned about our school years to help you decide what’s next in your journey.

Haven’t lodged your 2016–17 tax return? You might get a FTB debt

31 August 2018

To avoid a Family Tax Benefit (FTB) debt, lodge your tax return or tell us you don’t need to.

Is your course approved for take off?

30 August 2018

To get a student payment, you need to choose an approved course through an approved provider.