Are you moving away to study?

31 January 2018

Fares Allowance can help with travel costs.

You can use Fares Allowance for the cost of travelling between your permanent home and your place of study.

You may get Fares Allowance if:

It covers the cost of the least expensive and most available form of public transport in Australia.

Depending on your payment and how long you're studying, this may include:

  • 1 trip to your place of study from your permanent home to start studying
  • 1 return trip between your place of study and permanent home during the study year, and
  • 1 trip to your permanent home after finishing or ending your study per year

If you’re eligible we can pre-book your travel for you. You can claim the allowance before or after your trip.

Tips for claiming Fares Allowance

  1. Request pre-booked travel at least 7 days before your travel.
  2. Keep a copy of your itinerary and receipts - if you claim the allowance after your journey, you’ll need to give us proof of your travel.

If you get ABSTUDY it doesn’t mean you miss out. Read our article to see how you may be eligible for ABSTUDY Fares Allowance.

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Page last updated: 7 February 2018