Are you moving away to study? Check if you can get Fares Allowance

Fares Allowance helps you with travel costs if you study away from home.

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If you’re moving to study, you may get Fares Allowance. This is to help with travel costs between your permanent home and your place of study.

Who can get it

To get Fares Allowance you must be both:

You must also be 1 of the following:

  • dependent and get a higher rate of Youth Allowance when living away from home
  • independent and living away from your partner to study
  • you were dependent, living away from home in the last study year and you’re now 22 or independent through work
  • a parent living away from your dependent children to study
  • doing a distance or online course with compulsory travel to your place of study, excursion or practical placement.

If you get ABSTUDY and study away from home, you may be able to get help with travel costs. Read about ABSTUDY Fares Allowance.

What it’s for

You can use Fares Allowance for different trips depending on your situation.

If you study on campus, you can use the allowance for all of these:

  • 1 trip from your home to your place of study per year
  • 1 trip from your place of study to your home per year
  • 1 additional return trip home per year once you’ve received your payment for over 6 months for tertiary study.

If you study online or by distance there is a different rule. You can get 1 return trip per year if you have to be on campus as part of your course. You can get it between your permanent home and your place of study.

We’ll pay Fares Allowance for the cheapest available transport you can use for your trip. This is usually public transport including air, ferry, train or bus.

How to get it

We can pre-book most travel for you or you can claim after your trip.

Ask us to pre-book your travel at least 7 days before you travel. You can’t pre-book taxis, trams or local buses. To pre-book call the students and trainees line or visit a service centre.

If you claim after your trip, fill in the Fares Allowance claim form and give us proof of your travel. This includes your itinerary and receipts. You must claim by 31 March in the year after your travel.

What to do next

Read more about Fares Allowance.

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Page last updated: 11 June 2019

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