Are you moving to a new area, or thinking about it?

25 October 2019

Moving to an area with less jobs can affect your payment.

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There may be a 26-week non-payment period if you move to an area with less jobs. This may apply if you get 1 of these payments:

  • Newstart Allowance
  • Youth Allowance
  • Special Benefit as a nominated visa holder.

It may also apply if you move before or within 6 months of claiming 1 of these payments.

There are things we look at to see if it applies to you. We look at things like the current job market and unemployment rates in the area you’re moving to.

We’ll let you know if you’ll have to wait 26 weeks before you get a payment when you either:

  • update your address
  • submit a new claim for an income support payment.

The waiting period may not apply if you meet certain criteria. This would mean you may not need to wait the 26 weeks to get paid.

Next steps

If you’re thinking of moving, be sure to read more about moving to an area of lower employment prospects. If you have further questions about how moving may affect your payment, call us on your regular payment line. 

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Page last updated: 5 November 2019