Are you younger than 35, getting DSP and able to work?

You may have to do activities to help you find and keep work.

You may have participation requirements if you get Disability Support Pension and:

  • you’re younger than 35
  • you can work 8 or more hours a week
  • you don’t have a dependent child who’s younger than 6.

What are participation requirements?

These are activities to help you prepare and look for jobs. You’ll need to attend regular interviews and agree to follow a plan.

If participation requirements apply to you and you don’t meet them, your payment may stop.

How participation activities help you get a job

We’ll help you develop a flexible plan that addresses any barriers you may have that stop you working. We can help you look for activities that develop new skills to help you get a job.

Next steps

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Page last updated: 25 March 2019

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