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13 November 2019

Have a question about student payments you want to know the answer to? Digital Assistant Sam is here to help.

Go to our student and trainees pages and you’ll have the opportunity to chat to our Digital Assistant Sam. It pops up to answer your general questions about student and trainee payments.

Sam can direct you to the right place on our website for more information. Sam never sleeps so you can ask a question anytime, day or night.

Sam was created to help students and trainees, as we get more than 10,000 student related questions each month. This figure doubles each March when many students start their studies and want to claim a payment.

These are some of the questions people ask Sam:

  • I’m a trainee at a childcare centre, can I get Youth Allowance?
  • Am I eligible for a payment being a full-time student?
  • Can I get Youth Allowance as a plumbing apprentice?
  • Am I able to claim a payment if I’m a student still living at home?

Sam can’t answer specific questions about your situation. However, Sam can suggest where to look on our website to find out more information.

Sam may also suggest other questions you might want the answer to. For example, a person may want to know if they’re eligible for a payment. Sam may then show them these handy questions:

  • How can I claim a student or apprentice payment?
  • What courses are approved for study?
  • Am I allowed to work and get a student payment?

With a question and a few clicks, you may have found information that’s useful for your situation.

Sam has proved so successful in answering student questions that we have expanded to help other groups. Sam now helps people wanting to apply for other payments, including family and job seeker payments.

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Page last updated: 13 November 2019