Choose your own adventure

19 September 2017

Life is not a destination, it’s a journey! Decisions you make now can help you plan and prepare for your future.

Ask a classroom of kindergarten kids about what they want to be when they grow up and you might get answers like… an astronaut, a fireman, or a teacher. Of course the occasional superhero or princess is thrown into the mix - but a kid can dream, right?

As you finish school, fulfilling those dreams becomes a reality. The ideas you had as a 6 year old may have shifted, or you may have stayed true to your childhood aspirations. Regardless, what you’ll need now is a career plan.

Mapping your career

Like any adventure – having a map to guide you along your way is key. A career plan, like the one on the headspace website, is like a map for your studying and working life. Something like this may help steer you towards the career you’re aiming for. It’ll help you manage which direction to take and point you towards skills and knowledge you’ll need.

Remember there is more than one way to get to a destination. That’s the adventure!

Changing direction

Adventures aren’t adventures without the odd flat tyre or road block. There can be detours to see hidden waterfalls or unexpected opportunities to do things you hadn’t considered when you started out. Your career planning is a continuous process and you don’t need to lock yourself into just one thing. Your preferences could change with further study or after you try a few jobs on for size.

Don’t feel you have to stick with your first choice if it’s not the right fit for you.

The world is always changing and so can you. You may end up in a job that doesn’t even exist yet!

One adventure or many

You may be the kind of person who loves being on the move, always trying new things and exploring new places. In your working life, you may have multiple professions or careers.
On the other hand, you may enjoy your immediate surroundings and keep finding new things about that environment to love. In the same way, you might move around in the one job, win a promotion or change locations, but essentially if you’re qualified and stay in that profession you’ll have a steady career path.

Bringing a packed lunch

Preparation is essential for any adventure – you don’t want to set off without a good supply of food. Doing further study is like a packed lunch – it’ll help give you the solid foundation that you need for your future. This can be through university, TAFE or an Australian Apprenticeship.

Have a look at the career bullseyes on the myfuture website to see the training levels and requirements you need for various careers.

Payments for students and trainees

If you’re studying, training or doing an Australian Apprenticeship we may give you financial support.

Youth Allowance is a payment supporting people aged 16 to 24 who are:

  • doing full time study, or
  • taking on an Australian Apprenticeship

Youth Allowance also supports young people aged 16 to 21 who are looking for work.

First, check if you’re eligible for Youth Allowance. Then, if you are, you can claim using your Centrelink online account through myGov. If you’re claiming as a student, you can make your claim up to 13 weeks before your course starts.

Next steps

Whether you’re thinking of further study, entering a trade or looking for work, we have information to help you choose your next adventure.

If you have any questions, you can ask us at Student Update on Facebook or tweet @StudentUpdateAU.

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