Do you get ABSTUDY and need to study away from home?

20 June 2018

You may be eligible for ABSTUDY Fares Allowance.

About ABSTUDY Fares Allowance

ABSTUDY Fares Allowance helps with the costs of travelling from your home to your place of study.

You can use ABSTUDY Fares Allowance for approved trips like:

  • going to and from school each term or semester
  • travel for orientation, or
  • travel home for school holidays

In some cases, we’ll pay for a family member to travel with you.

If you can get the allowance, we’ll pay the travel costs for your trip. This might be a bus, train, plane or private transport.

We pay for the most reasonable form of transport. For example, we won’t pay the cost of a plane ticket if a bus or train is suitable. Find out more about reasonable types of transport.

Claiming ABSTUDY Fares Allowance

We’ll pre-book and pay for your trip if:

  • your parents or guardians contact us about your trip at least 7 days before you travel, or
  • you get your education institution to contact us about your trip at least 7 days before you travel, or 6 weeks before you travel if it’s in a group

If you don’t contact us or your education institution before your trip, you need to:

  • pay for the trip yourself
  • keep a receipt, then
  • fill out a form for a reimbursement

If you do this, we’ll pay for the most reasonable form of transport, or the trip itself, whichever is cheaper.

You can contact us on the ABSTUDY students line to pre-book travel or claim a reimbursement.

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Page last updated: 20 June 2018