Do you know how long you can keep getting your student payment?

Your Youth Allowance or Austudy payment has a time limit. We call this allowable time. Here’s what you need to know.

What it is

Allowable time is how long you can get Youth Allowance or Austudy while you’re studying.

If you run out of allowable time, your payment will stop.

How long you have

We base it on the minimum time it normally takes to finish your course as a full time student.

This will vary depending on the length of your course.

What it means for you

You need to finish your course within a set period of time. If you take longer, your payment will stop.

Any study you’ve done for the course will count in your allowable time. This applies even if you started your course before you claimed your student payment.

We may count previous study in your allowable time. If you’ve already done a tertiary course at the same level as your current course, we may count it.

If circumstances beyond your control mean you can’t complete your course in the allowable time, we may extend it. This includes if you’re sick or caring for a family member. In these situations, you need to talk to us.

Next steps

You can work out your allowable time for Austudy or Youth Allowance.

You can also connect with us on Student Update on  Facebook to ask questions. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t share personal details in a public space like social media.

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Page last updated: 8 May 2019

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