Do you need to update your family income estimate for CCS?

For some families, even a small change in your family’s income may change how much Child Care Subsidy (CCS) we pay.

Your family’s income determines the subsidy percentage you get. This means the percentage of your hourly fee, or rate cap, that we’ll pay for.

Your subsidy percentage goes down as your family income goes up.

There are a number of income brackets that will determine the percentage of subsidy we pay.

In 2 of these income brackets, the percentage of the subsidy we pay gradually reduces. They are:

  • more than $66,958 to below $171,958
  • more than $251,248 to below $341,248.

At the beginning of each financial year, we ask you to estimate your family’s income. If you earn more than what you estimated, we may overpay you. If this happens, you’ll owe us money, which you’ll have to pay back.

If you overestimate your family income we may not pay you enough. If this happens, we’ll pay any outstanding amount straight to you when we balance your subsidy.

What you need to do

Update your family’s income estimate every time there’s a change. This will help make sure you get the right amount of subsidy and avoid us overpaying you. 

It’s easy to update your details online and only takes a few minutes. You can use your Centrelink online account through myGov. Use our online guide to help you update your income estimate for Child Care Subsidy. Or, you can also update your details using the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

We’ll also use your family’s activity details and the type of care you use to determine how much you’ll get.

While you’re online, you can use our online guides to help you update your:

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Page last updated: 14 March 2019

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