Do your care arrangements change over the school holidays?

13 December 2018

You may be wondering what happens to your child support assessment if your care changes over the holidays.

Along with organising the fun of a summer holiday, you may also need to work out a temporary care arrangement. This could affect your child support assessment.

For a child support assessment, we look at each parent's care and calculate a percentage over the year. Because of this, you need to tell us if your yearly percentage will change due to temporary care arrangements.

For example, Kate and Joe share equal care of their child, Sam. Joe takes Sam on a holiday, and provides full time care for that period. This could affect both of their care percentages. But, if Kate will be taking Sam on the next holiday, the percentage will average out.

If you're not sure how your temporary care arrangement affects your care percentage, tell us about the changes.

As well as affecting your child support payments, the changes may impact your Family Tax Benefit. It's important to let us know of any changes as soon as possible.

The easiest way to let us know about any changes to your circumstances is online. Use either your:

It's important to tell us each time your circumstances change so your child support assessment is correct.

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Page last updated: 13 December 2018