Does your child meet immunisation requirements?

If they don’t meet immunisation requirements and you get Family Tax Benefit (FTB), your FTB Part A rate may reduce.

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The requirements for Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A changed on 1 July 2018.

We check the Australian Immunisation Register to make sure each child meets the requirements. If your child doesn’t, we’ll let you know what you need to do before your payment changes.

If you don’t take action, we’ll reduce your FTB Part A payments. We’ll reduce by approximately $28.84 each fortnight, for each child that doesn’t meet the requirements. This may include days we’ve already paid you FTB, and you might owe us money.

 We’ll check that we’ve paid you the correct rate of FTB. We do this when we balance your payments at the end of the financial year. 

If you’re planning on claiming FTB Part A as a lump sum, we’ll check your child’s immunisation status. We do this when we process the claim. If your child doesn’t meet the requirements, we’ll reduce your payment for the entire period of the claim. To avoid this, make sure your child is up to date before you submit a lump sum claim.

More information

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You can also read about immunisation medical exemptions, including who can apply.

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Page last updated: 6 June 2019

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