Don’t forget to update your farm business income estimate

10 August 2017

If you get Farm Household Allowance and your farm income has changed, chances are your payments need to change as well.

Update your farm business income estimate today. It’s important to make sure your income estimate is as accurate as possible so you get the right payment amount. If you are paid too much, you will have to pay the money back.

If you have any off farm income, you need to report this every fortnight. If you have no income, you need to report every 6 weeks. You also need to tell us if anything changes with your mortgage or interest repayments if you have an off farm income offset. It’s easy to report changes to your income online.

At the end of the financial year we compare your estimated business income with your actual business income. This is how we make sure we pay you the correct amount.

If you’ve been getting FHA since 2014, your payment will end this year when you reach 1095 days. Make sure you talk to your Farm Household Case Officer or a Rural Financial Counsellor about preparing for this payment to finish.

Next steps

Call the Farmer Assistance hotline on 132 316 to update your income details.

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Page last updated: 31 August 2017