Employment help if you have a disability, illness or injury

15 February 2018

There’s professional support if you have a disability, illness or injury and need help to find or keep a job.

Finding work or keeping a job can be challenging. Some people with disability, illness or injury face additional barriers when looking for work or keeping a job.

Disability Employment Services provide specialist help to people with disability, illness or injury who need support while looking for work or working.

They understand challenges you may face and can help you:

  • prepare for work, including help with training so you can be job ready
  • search or apply for a job
  • develop your interview skills, and
  • write a resume

Once you start a job they can provide:

  • on-the-job training
  • ongoing support, and
  • translation services

They can also help guide your employer to apply for Australian Government funding to make workplace modifications to suit your needs.

If you already have a job, they can help you stay in work if you’re at risk of losing your job due to your disability, illness or injury.

You’ll usually need to have an Employment Services Assessment with us to access Disability Employment Services.

Next steps:

Search the jobactive website for a Disability Employment Services provider who best meets your needs.

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