Everything you need to know about that magical Centrelink number

1 August 2018

Your Customer Reference Number (CRN) is key to doing business with us. Learn more about it.

Your CRN uses 9 numbers and a letter, for example 123 456 789A.

It’s unique to you. We use it to identify your personal record. We may also use it to see who you’re linked to – your parents, partner, children or organisations.

When to use your CRN

If you call us, we’ll ask you for a few personal details to confirm who you are. This might include your date of birth, address and CRN. You should only use your CRN for Centrelink purposes.

You'll also need your CRN to:

  • create a Centrelink online account through myGov, or
  • link Centrelink to myGov

How you can get a CRN

We’ll give you a CRN when you get a payment or service from us. If you've never had a payment or service from us before, you may not have a CRN. To get a CRN, you need to bring 3 identity documents to a service centre to confirm your identity. Make sure 1 of your identity documents is a photo ID, like your driver licence or passport.

You might’ve had a CRN without knowing it. The most common example is a child linked to a parent’s account. The CRN you had then will be the same one you have now.

Remember, if you don’t have a CRN, we can’t issue you one over the phone or online. This is because you need to show us ID to prove who you are. Then, we’ll give you a CRN.

What if you lose your CRN

If you have a CRN but you can’t find it, look on any letters or cards we’ve sent you. If you still can’t find it, you’ll need to call us to get your CRN.

We’ll ask you some questions to confirm your identity and then let you know what your CRN is.

When you already have a myGov account

Having a myGov account doesn’t mean you have a CRN too. You might’ve registered for myGov using your Medicare or tax details. If you don’t have Centrelink linked to your myGov account, you should link it now. Use your CRN to do this.

Now we’ve revealed the mystery of the CRN! Once you have yours you can claim a payment or service using your Centrelink online account through myGov.

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