Exam results aren’t the end of the world

3 October 2018

We asked people to share what they learned about school after shutting the books for good.

It’s only the beginning

Try not to worry about whether what you do after school will impact your future.

You can go on any number of adventures once you leave school. You might change your career or studies a number of times in your life. You could take some time for travelling to discover what interests you. Or, you could land your dream job right out of school or uni.

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Stress less

The results in your exams aren’t the end of the world. And stressing about which course or career path to take won’t change the outcome.

If you’re struggling or want to talk to someone about what’s next, you can access our social work services. You can also visit the Headspace website for help.

You do you

Some of your friends might study straight after school, others might travel or start work. Whatever you’re leaning toward, it’s always best to follow your own path.

You can read our handy tips and information about leaving school, if you’re laying out your options.

Get some work experience

You can get an idea of what work in your area of interest or study might be like. Plus it’s great to have some professional networks and experience to put on your resume.

You can find places to do work experience using the Department of Jobs Youth jobs PaTH.

Next steps

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Remember, you can use the Payment and Service Finder. This tool helps you find, estimate and compare payments and services you might be eligible for.

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