Get prepared before you claim ABSTUDY

29 October 2018

Use our checklist to make sure you have everything ready to go.

Check your eligibility 

Find out if you can get ABSTUDY before you claim. To get ABSTUDY you must meet all of the eligibility criteria, which includes:

  • being an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian
  • studying an approved course or doing an Australian Apprenticeship
  • not getting another payment to study or train.

Find out about other eligibility criteria.

Confirm your identity

If you haven’t made a claim with us before you’ll need to confirm your identity. To do this, visit a service centre or an Agent and show us 3 identity documents.

If you can’t get to us or don’t have identity documents, you can still start your claim over the phone. Just tell us this when you call.  

Get a tax file number (TFN)

If you’re 16 or older you’ll need a TFN or evidence that you’ve applied for one. If you don’t have one, you can apply for a TFN now on the Australian Taxation Office website.

Have your study information handy

You’ll need to tell us what course you’re studying and whether your study load is part time or full time. Your study load helps us work out what ABSTUDY Award Type you’re covered by. Remember, you must be studying an approved course to get ABSTUDY.

If you already know your student ID number, have it handy too.

Get your bank details ready

So we can pay you, you need to give us all these details:

  • name of account holder
  • account number
  • BSB.

Ask your bank for these details if you don’t know them. If you use online banking you can find your BSB and account number through it. 

Next steps

Claim by calling our ABSTUDY students line.

Connect with us on social media.

Let us know if any of the information you give us changes after you make your claim. It’s important we have the right details so we pay you the right amount.

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Page last updated: 29 October 2018