Get your letters, bills and statements online

28 August 2018

We don’t charge you for paper letters we send you, but some companies do. Get your mail online, it may save you money.

These days, a lot of companies charge you to get your paper letters, bills and statements in the mail. You can save money by choosing to get these online. Depending on the company, you can get your mail:

  • by email, or
  • sent to the online account you have with them

We don’t charge you for letters we send you, but you can choose to get your letters online. We can send our Centrelink online letters to your myGov Inbox. You need to register to get letters online through myGov. 

You can also choose to get Medicare and Child Support letters in your myGov Inbox.

Getting your mail online does come with its risks. The Australian Government’s Be Connected website helps you protect yourself and become savvy online to thrive in the digital world.

Next steps

Check with the banks and companies you’re with and see if they charge to send you bills and statements.

Read about paper billing on the Australian Consumer Law website.

Learn more about managing your money and how to identify scams and stay safe online.

Page last updated: 28 September 2018