Has your child’s payment stopped?

29 October 2018

If we stopped their payment because we’re waiting for your income details, you can give them to us now.

We needed your details by the due date in your child’s letter for them to keep their payment.

We’ll restore your child’s payment if we get this information before 31 December.

You can update your income details online using:

You’ll need:

  • the One Time Access Code in your child’s letter
  • your child’s Customer Reference Number
  • your income details for the financial years requested

If your child lost their letter, they can view their Centrelink letters online:

Next steps

Do the parental income test reassessment before 31 December.

If you have questions about updating your details, ask us on our  Family Update Facebook page or tweet us @familyupdateAU

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Page last updated: 29 October 2018