Have you changed how much study you’re doing?

Your payment may change if you’ve dropped a subject or stopped studying.

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You need to tell us within 14 days if you change your study, so you don’t get a debt.

Tell us if you drop a subject

If you’ve dropped a subject, you may not be studying full time.

To get Austudy or Youth Allowance as a student you usually need to be studying full time. You’re studying full time if you’re doing 75% or more of your course’s full time study load.

Your place of study can tell you how many subjects make a full time study load. This may be on their website.

Find out more about full time study.

Tell us if you stop studying

If you stop studying, your student payment may stop. There may be a waiting period before you can get other payments such as Newstart allowance.

You must be studying, or doing an Australian Apprenticeship to get these payments:

Tell us about other changes to your situation

There are other changes you need to tell us about. Find out what changes you need to tell us about for:

You must let us know about changes within 14 days. If you don’t, you may owe us money.

Find services to help you focus on study

Read our tips on saving money and find scholarships on the StudyAssist website. You can also get help to cope with stress or personal problems while you study.

Explore your options

If you have stopped studying make sure you tell us. Also take some time to think about your options.

Check out some websites that can help you find a career that is right for you.

If you still don’t know what to do, you could consider taking a gap year. A gap year is where you do something very different to what you have done before. This is usually in a different place to where you normally live. A gap year may help you to find out what interests you. You could:

  • work and save some money for when you go back to study a different course
  • work somewhere else in Australia
  • work overseas on a working holiday visa, or volunteer overseas and see the world.

Read more about your career options.

Next steps

Tell us about any changes to your study within 14 days, so you don’t get a debt.

Ask us questions on Student Update on  Facebook or  Twitter. Remember, it’s not safe to share your personal details on social media.

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Page last updated: 3 June 2019

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