Have you moved so you can study?

If you get a student payment from us, you might also get extra help for accommodation and living costs.

Charlotte’s from country NSW. She moved to the big smoke to attend university. Relocating was a big decision, but getting Youth Allowance and some extra payments made it a little easier. 

Relocation Scholarship

If, like Charlotte, you’ve moved from a regional area to study, you may be eligible for Relocation Scholarship.

You need to be getting ABSTUDY or Youth Allowance.

Each year that you’re getting one of these payments, we’ll check if you can get the scholarship. Generally you don’t need to apply for the scholarship each year.

Check if your family home location is in a regional or remote area for Relocation Scholarship purposes.

Rent Assistance

If you're getting ABSTUDY, Austudy or Youth Allowance as a student and pay rent, you may get Rent Assistance.

The amount of Rent Assistance you can get depends on a few different things. This includes how much rent you pay, if you have dependent children and whether or not you share accommodation.

If you claim a student payment, you don’t need to do a separate claim for Rent Assistance. We'll work out your eligibility and rate as part of your claim.

If you’re already on a student payment, you just need to update your address, contact or accommodation details.  You can do this using your Centrelink online account through myGov . We may ask you for documents too, like a Rent Certificate.

When Charlotte moved she thought about living on uni campus, sharing a house or bunking with Gran. All these options meant she’d get some extra money, but she decided on sharing a house with a friend. Charlotte’s share of the rent is $150 a week.

Charlotte gets Rent Assistance because she meets 2 conditions. She is both:

  • single and paying rent above $122.40
  • paid the away from home rate of Youth Allowance.

Read more about how much Rent Assistance you can get.

Fares Allowance

Fares Allowance is a payment to help with the costs of travel if you study away from your home.

Charlotte gets the higher rate of Youth Allowance because she lives away from home. This means she can also get Fares Allowance. She’ll get 1 trip to university at the start of each study year. She’ll also get 1 trip home at the end of each study year. After getting Youth Allowance for 6 months, Charlotte will get an additional return trip home each year of study.

You may get Fares Allowance if you meet all the following:

To claim Fares Allowance for pre-booked travel or a reimbursement, you can:

Next steps

Read payment for students and trainees for more information about help you can get.

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Page last updated: 8 May 2019

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