Help for children moving away to study

5 February 2018

Your child may get the Relocation Scholarship or Fares Allowance.

Relocation Scholarship

The Relocation Scholarship helps with the cost of moving for study. 

Your child may get the scholarship if:

They don’t need to apply for the scholarship. We’ll work out if they can get it every year they get an eligible payment. 

We can pay them as early as 21 February. You can remind them to keep their details updated using myGov or the Express plus Centrelink mobile app so we assess them correctly. This includes their home address, term address and study details.

Fares Allowance

Fares Allowance may help with the cost of travelling between your child’s permanent home and place of study.

It covers the cost of the least expensive and most available form of public transport in Australia.

Your child may get the allowance if:

If they’re eligible we can pre-book their travel for them or they can claim the allowance after their trip.

If your child gets ABSTUDY, they may be eligible for ABSTUDY Fares Allowance.

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Page last updated: 5 February 2018