Intent to claim is stopping on 1 July 2018

5 June 2018

You’ll no longer be able to submit an intent to claim for certain payments and concession cards. New rules will apply.

New claims

From 1 July 2018, you need to complete your claim in full before you can get a payment. This also applies to concession cards. You need to submit all supporting documents before we can start to process your claim.

If your claim’s successful, you’ll get a payment or concession card issued from the date you submitted your complete claim. We’ll no longer pay you from the date you started your claim or contacted us about claiming.

Existing claims

We’re helping existing customers to make the transition.

If you contact us or start an online claim between 17–30 June 2018, you need to complete your claim within 14 days. We’ll pay you from the date you contact us about making the claim.

Next steps

If you’ve already submitted an intent to claim before 30 June 2018, complete your claim within 14 days.

Contact us to discuss your options if you can’t get a document because it’s outside of your control.

While you’re finding out about our payments, keep in mind we need all supporting documents to assess your claim. Start collecting this information now so it’s faster to claim.

Use the vault in your Express Plus Centrelink mobile app to save and store your documents. It’s important to keep your documents in a safe place. If you claim from us again, you may need them.  

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Page last updated: 18 June 2018