Introducing new services for carers and a Carer Allowance income test

20 September 2018

From 20 September 2018, you’ll need to meet an income test to get Carer Allowance.

The income test will be $250,000 a year based on adjusted taxable income. 

We will assess your and your partner’s combined income if you claim or get:

  • Carer Allowance, or
  • a Carer Allowance Health Care Card

If you do not have a partner the income limit is still $250,000.

The income test won’t apply to you if you or your partner get:

  • an income-tested income support payment from Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, or
  • fortnightly instalments of Family Tax Benefit or are the holder of a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

You don’t need to call us. If we need to ask for your income details, we’ll write to you. 

The new income test will help to fund new services for all carers. From October 2018, all carers will be able to access new services from the Carer Gateway website.

The new digital support and services include:

  • a national phone line
  • online counselling services
  • online peer support
  • online coaching resources, and
  • educational resources

Next steps

Read more about Eligibility rules for Carer Allowance.

Read more about Carer Allowance income reviews.

Access these new services through the Carer Gateway website.

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Page last updated: 20 September 2018