Meet Tricia, she may be rolling into your town soon

22 November 2017

Our Mobile Service Centres have visited over 3800 communities, and helped over 120,000 people.

Tricia spent many years living in a number of small regional towns and saw first-hand the challenges regional people face. Tricia has been bringing our services to people in regional and rural Australia for 18 years now.

”When we drive into town I really enjoy the positive reception from people. We are here to help. It is satisfying to provide a face-to-face service to people who normally can’t see us. My focus is to help people be self-sufficient. I teach them how to use our apps, online services and make sure they are confident to do their own business from home.”

Our Mobile Service Centres are also an emergency response for bushfires, floods, site disruptions and cyclones. Tricia says “The most recent emergency I went to was Cyclone Debbie. When the truck rolls in, you can see people are happy that help has arrived. This is what has motivated me over the past 18 years, interacting with people and helping them at their most vulnerable.”

Tricia lives in Hobart with her husband. ”I am lucky enough to have been able to travel across the country. I rotate between 2 weeks on the road and 1 week at home in Hobart. I tell my husband that all my travelling is research for our grey nomad adventure. I can’t wait to take my husband to Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, the mid north Coast of NSW and Jurien Bay in Western Australia. As you can see I’m a coastal person!”

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